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Welcome To Book Morning! A fun, immersive and gentle alarm clock app concept that promises to improve your morning routine, sleep cycle and help you in waking up gently and kindly by awakening your curiosity!
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Nov 30, 2022
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Welcome To Book Morning! A fun, immersive and gentle alarm clock app concept that promises to improve your morning routine, sleep cycle and help you in waking up gently and kindly by awakening your curiosity!

In Book Morning, you will be acting as the assistant To Dr. Wakey – our friendly astronomer who will guide you to improve your sleep cycle! You’ll be his assistant in his adventures while he promises to read you exciting stories that will help you wake up on time everyday!

Book Morning has been launched as a challenge for 2022 – helping people who struggle with waking up on time to improve their sleep cycle!

Fourdesire, a leading habit-forming app publisher, along with Red Candle Games, the developer of Devotion and Detention have collaborated to guide people across the world and help them wake up on time! Both teams believe that traditional alarm clock apps are not meant for everyone – this is why they have launched Book Morning to solve the problems observed while using alarm clock and puzzle alarm clock apps!

Do You Find It Hard To Get Out Of Bed Despite Multiple Wake Up Alarms?
Use Book Morning’s wake up alarm sounds as a trigger to start your morning routine and reward yourself. We help you get up early by first motivating you to open your eyes with our gentle wake up alarm sounds and then awakening your curiosity with our set of immersive stories that you can read!

New Morning Reading Experience For Waking Up
Let Book Morning accompany you to start a new day, clock in and out and wake up on time with our morning alarm! We believe our new concept will be a miracle discovery for many users! 🙂

Ring Ring! Start A New Adventure!
If you get up at the right time, a new chapter will be unlocked and you can start your day by reading. The 3 stories cover war themes, suspense and sci-fi to give you a truly exciting waking up experience.

Unique and Exciting Bedside Stories To Improve Your Sleep Cycle
Choose the type of story you like, enjoy a 5-minute reading time and start your 21-day morning routine with a bedside story!

Our Stories:

“Far as Cielo”
The young Avis officer, Pierce, arrives at Vody for a mission and bumps into his classmate Ray, who he hadn't seen in five years, by coincidence. However, the two now face a solemn and harsh reality.

“The Last Cat Alive”
After Hu Yi Ting wakes from a coma, she receives consecutive visits from three unfamiliar boys, each of whom claims to be her boyfriend. Due to a concussion, she can't remember a thing from the previous week, and isn't sure who's telling the truth. Who was it that pushed her off the rooftop?

“No Place Like Home”
Collins and Doggii, a 6-year-old astronaut and his Shiba Inu sidekick, are on an interstellar voyage. Just as they plan to return to Earth, they encounter trouble, get thrown off course, and lose their radar leaving them no choice but to make an emergency landing on the nearest alien planet. Facing challenges along their new alien friends, the duo learn many lessons along the way!

Purchase Instructions
Book Morning is free to download. After the trial, you can purchase a single story or the three story pack to enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted reading experience.

We all hate loud alarms! Let our wonderful stories accompany you with gentle, light and smart alarm sounds to get up early. Make a morning routine of waking up on time and use our motivation alarms to become an early riser. Improve your sleep cycle and health today!

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Hey, how do you feel after reading this story?
Developer team and Dr. Wakey have optimized the "Share" function. Assistants who complete the wake-up reading challenge choose a mood, to be shared with others once recorded.