Shelter: An Animal Adventure


Your cubs' survival is in your paws…
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Might and Delight AB
Mar 2, 2023
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Your cubs' survival is in your paws…
Experience the wild as a mother badger sheltering her cubs. On their journey they encounter perils of the night, river crossings, forest fires and the looming threat of death by starvation.

Food is to be found, but is there enough? You will learn that the cubs need food not just to survive, but to enable them to overcome the varying challenges they will face as they make their way through the world.

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Shelter is a survival game in a beautiful open world where you get to experience an adventure that is both cute and heartbreaking. Because as beautiful, atmospheric and colourful the nature is when you stroll around with your family, it can be just as dark and unforgiving. If you are not on your guard, there will be devastating consequences for you and your family members and mean the difference between life and death. Permadeath is an important factor in the Shelter series, which you will most definitely notice when you take on the role of this female protagonist badger mom, trying to survive and protect her kids. It’s up to you if they will be dead or alive.

Shelter is an animal simulator where your choices matter, which means you’ll always get a new experience every time you play.
Shelter is a singleplayer game in a large sandbox where you choose your own adventure from a third person perspective. The Swedish Indie game studio Might and Delight is behind this multimillion-dollar indie game hit franchise that is now finally available for Android mobiles on Google Play. Just like in all the other games from Might and Delight, it features a wonderful soundtrack with relaxing music.

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PC reviews:

"Shelter is unquestionably affecting. It's also enormously charming beautifully realised and entirely unique. /…/ The game is ludicrously pretty, the most striking and attractive game I've played since Proteus (although the two don't look anything alike). Its distinctive style is perfectly realised, every creature, tree and cloud lovely to look at. /…/ Shelter is a really beautiful thing. It's smart simple and deeply moving."
John Walker,

”Every once in a while a game concept comes along that makes you pause and say, “Well, that’s different!” Shelter is one of those games. The player takes on the role of a mother badger protecting her litter from all manner of dangers while foraging for food and trying to survive. I’d say that’s a concept that seems pretty far removed from the endless parade of games with military men shooting at each other.”
Nick Diamon,

”Wildlife has inspired many artists, from Van Gogh and his painting of Starry Night, to The Birth of Adam in the Sistine Chapel. We continue to see this inspiration from nature in the game Shelter, by developers Might and Delight. In this game you play as a mother badger fighting against the elements of nature for her and the baby badgers’ survival. /…/ All in all, this game is a prime example of how gaming is evolving into art.”
Joshua Tarka,

”As the mother of a litter of cubs you are forced out from familiar and safe surroundings to find new shelter in a beautiful, but dangerous world. The harsh reality of nature plays a pivotal role in the game whilst at the same time Shelter aims to pay a homage to the great outdoors and all its imposing beauty.”

"Shelter remains a striking proposition not least for its memorable sense of aesthetic wonder. Its pale hills and valleys are spectacular bristling with Scandinavian illustrative charm. From the Hokusai swirls that detail the raging river to the stencil planets that punctuate the night sky to the sparse post-rock soundtrack all lazy percussion and guitars marinated in reverb this is a beautiful game on the surface. And by successfully tapping into parental instincts rarely solicited by video games and offering a parable about nurture and sacrifice it's a beautiful game within too."
Simon Parkin,

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Added new tutorial icons to explain movement.
Minor performance fixes.